New Year And Another Attempt At The Better Me

I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who sees New Year Resolutions as just another pointless attempt towards trying to motivate one’s self in the right direction. Those of us that make the grandiose decisions such as “I will get thin/fit/on a human and socially acceptable sleep cycle” tend to fall not to far after the first hurdle. However, I’m going to break the streak of the past few years and set myself some challenges (we shall not use the phrase resolutions) and at the end of each month I’m going to look back and see if I’ve managed to achieve any of these goals. If I haven’t then it isn’t failure, I just have to adjust my targets for the following month and start again.

So for January 2015 I am going to:

– Complete both my third year essays and hand then in. (Since the deadlines are in January this is something of a no arguments challenge. If I don’t I’m somewhat screwed in terms of a degree.)

– Write the first chapters of my dissertation.

– Send out that email about that internship I keep talking about but have yet to actually contact anyone about.

– Have written at least eight short stories/flash fictions and two poems.

– Complete my Musketeers fan fiction. (I just need to write the last chapter and the epilogue and it’s done. Laziness had been the only thing keeping me from completing the story.)

And that is where I’m going to leave my challenges. I could probably add a load more onto the list but for now I’m going to stick with giving myself manageable tasks and bumping up the workload when I’ve seen how these tasks play out.

So to all of you reading this I wish you a Happy New Year and many happy returns. May 2015 hold a wealth of opportunity and contentment for you all.

Last year gone in smoke.

A nose against the window.

Goodbye and welcome.

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