Family Holiday

“Smile!” chorused her parents, grinning themselves as Elaine stood beneath the rusted sign marking this trail as Route Illinois Sixty-Six. Elaine scowled.

How dare they drag her trekking through some stupid American Jungle when everyone else she knew was off to the new Neptune Spa Resort, or Jupiter’s six month musical festival, Fiz Brain.

“Come on sweetie,” her father coaxed. “What’s the matter?”

“Earth,” she spat. “Who even comes here anymore?”

“It’s very popular according to the travel agent,” said her mother.

“With old people” Elaine snapped. “It’s totally lame!”

“Honey-bee, please-”

“No Dad! This sucks. You’re ruining my life!”


(100 words)


  1. Dear Carol.

    Some things never change. Your story picks up steam and is going full speed by the time we reach the last, perfect line. Very well done.




  2. Dear Carol,

    There’s nothing new under the sun, is there? I enjoyed the idea of interplanetary and the teenager’s whiny voice in this. Clever and imaginative.




    1. Thank you. 😀
      I had a couple of other ideas that for the prompt that were just not working and this was the one that seemed to come together best. It’s nice to see it getting such wonderful comments.


  3. I wonder how many times ‘you’re ruining my life’ is heard by parents. And some parents truly do make a good job of it, in ways much more horrendous than simply taking them to a planet of old people. Nice one!


  4. The parents may be sorry they took their daughter along by the end of that trip. She sounds like she’ll complain the entire trip. Wait until she has kids and is on the other end of the complaints. Good story, Carol, and well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


    1. Thank you Suzanne. Indeed, it tends to make for a miserable holiday when one of the holidaymakers doesn’t want to be there. I’ve been quite lucky with family holidays in that my parents always run ideas past my sister and I. In this character’s case though, I just think there will be no pleasing her.


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