If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Curl up into a ball and hide yourself in the neatly types secrets of the Liddell Dairies from the National Archives.

A couple of months back I decided to take the plunge and send off a poem and a piece of flash fiction to a local literary magazine for their competition. It turns out the results came out a few days ago and my name is no where among them.

Now I’m aware that there are lots of people out there that are better than me at writing, I didn’t expect to go into that competition and come out with a prize, but I’ll admit my pride stings a bit at the idea that I wasn’t good enough for the short list.

But that’s part of being a writer isn’t it? You take the “no, no, no” until someone turns around and says “huh, you know what, you’re not half bad. Let’s give this a shot!”

I’ll just have to toughen up a bit and keep putting my writing out there. First though, I have some essay research to finish.

Mug 4


    1. I intend to, thank you for the encouragement.
      Have you checked out any of the creative writing by any chance? I’m rather proud of Headquarters if you fancy a bit of fiction.


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