Why I Suck At Social Media

You name it, I probably have a log in for it. I don’t necessarily remember the username, or the password, or even a single answer to one of those ‘safety’ questions that they have you fill out, but I’ve probably signed up for most, it not all of the major social media sites that writers are advised to use as platforms for spreading their words.

Every now and then my ipod will dim the concoction of badly match music blaring into my ears and inform me that I, me of all people, have one new follower on Tumblr, or Twitter, or if I’m very lucky, Facebook! I will smile down at my ipod’s kind message and then promptly swipe it from existence.

No offense, I love it when people take the time to try and keep up with my writing. I love hearing from readers who enjoy my work. I just have not got the dedication to keep up with Social Media platforms. I keep telling myself that I’ll update the Facebook page for Writing and Works once a week with interesting news but honestly, not much happens in my life.

If I was at home I could give you innumerable photos of calves, and sheep and even a few of the dog, but that really isn’t relevant to my writing most of the time. Even if those sort of photos do seem more popular than my writing according to my mother’s Facebook stats. (When your anti-Facebook mother suddenly finds that thousands of people are looking at her farm photos, she suddenly becomes a lot more Facebook active.)

My point is that I don’t really get up to much and when I do get around to doing something like a poetry reading I forget to let you all know ahead of schedule. But then again most of you are in America, or Friday’s case Hong Kong apparently.

A little shout out to any of you who did visit the site of Friday by the way. It now stands as my all time best day for hits on this site!

*Celebrates with awful dad dancing*

Yes, so America and Hong Kong are a fair distance away from rainy old England. Even if I was letting you know well in advance of a poetry reading it seems unlikely most of you would be able to make it.

So right now I’m wondering why bother?

Let’s call it practice. Hopefully I will one day be a good enough writing to have interesting daily updates to post. Until then I’m going to have to find a way of at least remembering how to log into my accounts and hoping I don’t bore those who are currently following me, half to death.

Comments below, but please leave your bots at the door.

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