Room Six

Checking in proved to be… unusual.

Standing behind reception, the woman with shoulder-length hair and purple eyes stared silently as Sam stumbled in.

“Yes?” drawled the woman, pursing her lips at the wet leaves plastered to Sam’s clothes. Sam drew a hand through her own hair, suppressing a shudder as something slimy squelched between her fingers.

“Is Rook here?” she asked.

“Perhaps,” answered the woman. “Why?”

“I need to talk to him,” Sam scowled.



The woman’s gaze flicked over her appearance again before she reached behind the desk.

“Room six,” she said, handing over the key. “Be careful.”


I like messing around with old characters from partially completed novels. I found the start of a draft for Archer the other day, only the first few chapters were written but I’m thinking about coming back to it at some point. Darkened Daughter has to take priority for now though. I refuse to keep skipping from one idea to another. Something is going to get finished this year whether I like it or not!


  1. Okay, since these comments are under moderation, you can delete this comment, but I wanted to bring something to your attention – a suggestion – in the second sentence, perhaps change “Stood” to “Standing” and then “shoulder hair” to “shoulder-length hair”? I only mention it because it kind of jarred me out of the story. Just a friendly suggestion, and like I said, you can delete this, I just wanted to bring it to your attention in case it was unintentional. Hope you don’t mind! 🙂


    1. It was originally shoulder-length, I must have cut out length when editing and not realised. Thanks for pointing it out, I love to hear constructive feedback like this, it’s so useful.


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