SHE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many of you remember the post “Look, Feet!”? Well it was just under a year ago and I’d managed to complete the Tatton Park 10K Race for life in one hour and eight minutes.

This year I’m hoping to beat that time, and raise some more money while doing it.

The man I’m running in memory of is my Grandfather Bill. He died just after I started secondary school, and I knew little, if nothing about him. What I have learnt since has been through the stories others have told me, and the more I learnt the more I wished I had got to know the man that they knew.

He suffered with Leukaemia, but he also suffered from diabetes, Parkinson’s and heart issues. He was not a well man by any means, but I’m hoping that by raising some money for Cancer Research UK, that I can do my bit to honour his memory and show that even though I didn’t know him well, I still loved him as my Grandfather and that love has only grown in the years that have followed his death.

If any of you would like to sponsor me there is a JustGiving page which you can check out, but don’t feel pressured if this is not the way in which you chose to support charities or if you would rather support another charity with the money. We all have our own ways of showing our support.

For those of you taking on Race For Life yourselves, Good Luck! Leave me a comment and let me know what you’re doing and where, I’d love to hear from you.

Service will resume as normal on Writing & Works in a couple of months when university wraps up and I finally escape the avalanche on work steadily crashing towards me.

Wish me luck readers.

Bill Forrester & Friend

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