Over The Edge

I have a fear of heights

but not just that,



steep drops,

most aspects of going downwards

too quick,

too fast.

So I’m confused,

as to why this new edge,

this metaphorical one,

leaves me so calm.

I suppose you,

might have something to do,

with all this…


It’s difficult to fear falling,

when you’ve got use to being caught.


  1. I am afraid of heights too ~ But in the metaphorical sense, there is no fear of falling when you know you can be caught or saved ~ Good one Carol ~

  2. I am afraid of heights that I regard as unsafe, otherwise OK with them. Knowing I would be caught would make a difference to the first.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  3. True.. many folks spend
    their life running away
    with cultures and
    when the
    them is
    one and
    true with
    of all
    that is..
    a comfortable
    gLove of Truth and Light
    that no owns
    WE as liGht and TRuTH..:)

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