The Trouble With Characters

The trouble with characters is they develop voices of their own.

And lives,

lives you’re no entirely certain you choreographed

as you watch them dive-bomb your plot lines

in a manner most unexpected.

They start to get ideas…

often late at night

just as sleep approaches,

that’s when they leap!



  1. I love the way you say characters develop their own voices I am writing a book and my lead character she already has her own voice its like I can here her voice as I am writing I find my self thinking about her while I am trying to go to sleep at night my blog has really helped get my creative juices going also


    1. I know what you mean. I sometimes find myself having conversations with my characters to help me resolve plot issues and quite regularly I find my best ideas pop up at the most awkward of times. I’m currently in the last three weeks of university and neck deep in assignments that have to be done but all I want to do is write another chapter of my novel!


      1. Omg I know you what you mean I have a lot on my plate to but what I do I find it is easier to write on my down time I site down my thoughts on the chapter I am on on poststicks and on my down time I refer back to them for me I find it hard to turn of my thoughts on my book once my creative juices get going


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