A Short Post With A Dragon And A Poem


I’ve never considered myself much of an artist but I love to doodle, and those books called ‘How To Draw…’ suit me really well. This particular doodle is based on a design by Paul Bryn Davies from his book ‘How To Draw Dragons in Simple Steps.’ It’s not completely finished, but I’m pretty happy with where it is now.

This weekend I hit 50,000 words for Darkened Daughter so I decided to treat myself to some sketching. I’m awful at drawing straight from my brain, I have to have some image or picture in order to get the proportions right, but I still find it a great way to unwind.



This is my world.

Swirling, spinning, stretching…


Here, the mountains grow from seeds

sewn from goblin hands.

Those not cared for

become hunched and crag faced.

Ugly black stone

with jagged snatches of flint

dug in too deep

for uprooting.

The trees arrived after.

Fully grown they wandered in,

branches creaking with fatigue,

too tired to wander any further.

They only stopped to rest a short while.

Like me.

The river?

The river I can’t say.

It was here before me

but not after.

When I go

it will long have dried up.

Snaked up into itself with a slurp.

The birds, I think, know.

They were here back then.

Ask the owls.

They always know more than they tell.


  1. This is an interesting poem. If I were to look at your drawing and then read the poem, I may assume that the speaker of the poem is a dragon, buried beneath the mountain. However, I do like that it’s open to interpretation. It could definitely mean more than one thing.

    Nicely done.


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