How often have you woken

a bolt

in our bed.

Eyes wide, lungs strangled

fighting for breath,

my watchman,

my lover,

my eyes in the dark,

how is it

that night now comes

to bore holes in your heart?

Once upon

another life you say.

You paced these streets,

these city streets,

let lanterns guide your way.

But now we have no lanterns,

and now you have no light,

and all my watchman is,

is afraid of the night.

Haughmond Abbey


  1. I was wondering what made the watchman afraid of the night ~ Perhaps a terrible experience, perhaps a devastating loss, it seems a pity that he has lost the light ~

    Thanks for the lovely response ~


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. To be honest when I started writing this piece I was trying to write about the old London Watchmen who patrolled the streets before policemen, but it sort of shifted and became something else.


  2. Sad when a fearful, lantern-less watchman can no longer lead. Like your photo of church in ruins… religion without a relationship is empty. Thoughtful poem…thanks for linking with dVerse!


    1. Haha, it can be both lovely and infuriating to have someone who wants to protect you. When I was writing this piece I was actually trying to write about the old London Watchmen, but instead it became more about my Grandmother and her decline into dementia.


  3. A brilliant premise, & take on the prompt. So well written it can be interpreted several ways; what I read was that a husband has returned from war, & nightmares disturb him nightly, that fear has usurped solace, that his neural net is unraveled, & he is no longer the same man he once was.


    1. That’s a really great interpretation and thank you for sharing it with me. This turned into one of those poems where I thought I was writing about one thing and then I’ve gone back to read it and realised it’s about something else entirely.


  4. It is so interesting when different interpretations evolve. Mine was that of a husband who had lost hope, perhaps because of an illness. The flow of your poem was very nice as well.


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