Doodling Again

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For some reason hands and eyes are the hardest bits for me to draw when drawing people. I’m okayish when doing simpler drawings like the first one in this slideshow, but get to drawings where there is an actual face involved, or better yet, an angled face, I’m screwed. Have you noticed that the woman’s hand is hidden?

You do not want to know how many times I had to redraw this image before I managed to get the eyes mostly in line. I’ve also found that upon cropping, disproportionate features look even more so!

Anyway, the only way to get around this is for me to keep practising, which is what I’m doing. So I’ll keep drawing and writing and screaming at wonky eyes and writers block because apparently that is what happens to people when they decide to take a creative route as a serious option for what they want to do with their lives.

Let me know that I’m not alone. Tell me about your creative tantrums below. Go on! Vent!


  1. I haven’t heard it expressed as “creative tantrums” but I know exactly what you mean. I’ve had a few in my day but nothing compares the the one my daughter had as a 4 year old when she asked me to draw Bob the Builder’s sidekick and I didn’t know who it was and she banged her little textas so hard on the page that the ink spurted out. I’s scored a definite fail!
    I just remembered that I definitely had a severe case of “creative tantrums” learning to play my violin. I started learning about 3-4 years ago in my 40s and it’s been challenging. Here’s a poem I wrote venting my spleen:
    xx Rowena


      1. Thanks, Carol. I ended up taking up the violin quite by accident. My daughter started learning when she was 5 and I was merely her chauffeur. The teacher said I could sit in on her lessons. I’d done about a year of Suzuki violin as a child and my brother did it for many years and was very good . This back door intro to learning and the incentive of helping my daughter and do9ing it together helped get me started. She stopped but we still had lessons left and I continued and got hooked. Quite an encouraging story. You usually hear about how kids stop Mum from growing when it also works both ways!xx Rowena


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