Lioness [A DVerse Prompt]


The living room was your first hunting ground.

Like a lioness with belladonna in her eyes

I watched you prowl these lands

unsure if I

was prey

or pride.

Pressed into every curve and line

flesh so tight

to planes I’d not thought to seek.

You were something else entirely

a fluidity of your presence stretched…

Beyond this livingroom.

Beyond us

to a point where you were not mine

but their’s.


Shade like a shadow

I melted into the background

turned to scenery

a prop.

I watched your prowl from the scrub.



  1. I love the story of being: Pressed into every curve and line

    flesh so tight

    And becoming a background ~

    Very well done with lines, thanks ~


  2. This is a tight write. – I love the way you fit the lines in and especially the fluidity one…it just works well. So many takes and all really are enjoyable to read. Thanks, Carol. Your handling of the prompt is inspiring.


  3. There is a sense of loss..melting into the background..the scenery…a prop in everyday life..I think it is cool where you went with this prompt. I have been enjoying reading where our minds have gone tonight.


  4. This is excellent. You used the words in such a way that I would not even have noticed that they were the ‘imposed phrases’ unless I had read them as part of the prompt. Truly a meaningful poem…and such atmosphere! Bravo.


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