You’ve grown older with these years.

Sagged into them, your worn out chair,

too comfortable to discard.

I have too.

Now there are knots in these bones.

A lattice work of knuckle and knobble

and I cannot help you to your feet

propel you across the kitchen sidestep,

kick, flick, turn and lift!

jitterbug us into three am.

I cannot swagger with the same strength

of 1970s rock’n’roll

disco room dance floors.

We are old together it seems.

These feet became stepping stones.

Smaller ones, with laughing mouths

who clutch the knuckles and knobbles

without thought.

We were always old to them.

They are young,

and so very youthful,

and I will show them

how we danced.

This Tuesday’s DVerse Poet’s Pub prompt is a corker! Write a poem from the point of view of someone who’s not your gender. Check the challenge out for yourself and see what the other Pub Poets have in store!



  1. Nice telling of the aging together process…from blue jeans to knuckle and knobble…and this could be from either point of view..his or hers. Love still intact.


  2. The POV seems trans or mid-gender, but the message is clarion. Now that so many of us who run with the dVerse dog poets are so long in the tooth, this piece resonates strongly.


  3. Show them how you danced, love the aging process of both man and woman ~ I also thought you did well with the “older” voice specially the worn out chair and knots in the bones ~


  4. I think it’s wonderful… I could see/hear my parent’s voices in this, and I think it fits the prompt perfectly. I especially love “these feet became stepping stones” such a strong, telling image.


  5. I LOVE the last three lines … so, so, so much.

    Also this:
    “Now there are knots in these bones.
    A lattice work of knuckle and knobble”


  6. I liked this very much. Could definitely relate to it. Yes, we older than 20 somethings still have things we can show and do. I’m still good for a couple of disco tunes! My husband and I do ballroom dancing. We aren’t as sharp as the younglings, but we can still cut up. Excellent write! and I love the background for your website.


    1. Thank you. I’m fond of the background as well, it’s taken me most of the blog’s lifetime to find a theme that I really like. It’s nice to hear it getting compliments.


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