Books, Books And More Books!!!!

What Am I Currently Reading:

I’m one of those people who always has about twenty books on the go, so here are the top four books on my ‘Currently Reading List’. I’m most of the way through A Dance of Ghosts so that one is the one I’m focusing on at the moment. I should have it finished in the next couple of days and next up will probably be ‘Go Set A Watchman’ and then I’ll dive back into ‘A Code Maker’s War’. I like to keep some variation in the books I’m reading and not have two of the same one after the other, otherwise it’s too easy to get bored.

Recently Finished:

Haha! I’ve been good in the last three weeks. I’ve managed to start and finish a few books instead of leaving them on the shelf half-read to come back to later. It’s helped that three of my favourite authors brought out books at about the same time. The divine Derek Landy brought out the first book in his new series ‘Demon Roads’, which on reflections bares some similarities to Skulduggery Pleasant. A dry humoured male with a mysterious past driving around in an awesome car encountering supernatural weirdness along the way. I’d say ‘Demon Roads’ is a bit darker though, and definitely has its own unique attraction.

‘Queen of Shadows’ is the fourth book in Sarah J Mass’s amazing Throne of Glass series. Celaena Sardothia is one of my all time, favourite characters and up there next to Valkyrie Caine, she’s busy showing the sci-fi/fantasy world just how bad-ass female leads can be. Book four makes up for the lack of progress in the third book and defiantly marks a return to form for Miss Mass. The only question! Will there be a fifth? There is a resolve of sorts, but the ending definitely left room for another book to follow on.

‘The Heir Of Night’ is the first book in its series and I really enjoyed it. I’m finding the second book a little slower to get through, but in the second book the focus drifts away from the main character, the heir, and I’m just not as interested in that right now. There’s a bit of a time jump between the two books and I’m impatient to see how Milain has changed.

Last of all, and do not judge me, ‘How To Fight A Dragon’s Fury’. I fell in love with Cressida Cowell’s How To Train Your Dragon series back at the beginning of secondary school and that love has never waned. This final instalment was long awaited and I was so happy when it finally landed on my doorstep. If you’ve seen the films then I’ll warn you, the books are vastly different. They hold the same essences, but the actually storyline is off on completely different tangents. I have to admit that I love both the films and the books though. Being so different, for once, is great since it means I can look at them and enjoy them as individuals and not as a thing of a thing. Anyway, back to the book. Cressida. You did not let me down!

Reading Next:

These are the next five books highest up on my ‘To Be Read At Some Point’ list. As you can see it’s a little fantasy heavy, but I am currently redrafting Darkened Daughter and I like to read a lot of the genre that I’m working on.

Terry Pratchett has always been on this list, I’ve just been lazy about reading his work. Then I read ‘Good Omens’ and realised that under no circumstances whatsoever could I continue to somehow miss out on reading his novels.

Peter Ackroyd’s book I’ve technically started but since it’s a history, I’ll dip in and out of it between books a chapter at a time. I always find that’s the best way to read academic books, it makes them easier to digest and gives you more time to mull over what you’ve read.

‘Sleeping Angel’ and ‘Dance of Chaos’ are both series books and once I’m invested I rarely give up until that series ends.

‘The Sentinel Mage’ is just a book I heard a good review on.

I’ll let you know what I thought once I’ve read them.

If you want to have a go at this Book Obbessed Blog Prompt, check out it’s host at ‘Taking On A World Of Words’.



  1. I hope you enjoy ‘Go Set a Watchman.’ I’ve heard mixed things but I’m still dying to read it! Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!


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