First Draft Done… Sort Of

Character Design For Tara Woodfall by Antonia Brennan

Artwork by Antonia Brennan

So I’ve managed to do it! I’ve completed a first draft of a novel for the first time in my life. Whoohoo! Lets throw a party.

Okay, let’s not throw a party just yet, the hard bit is just around the corner.

Yes, I have 52,000 words of writing that sort of follows a plot line and gets my characters from where I wanted them at the start of the book to where I wanted them at the end of the book.

Yes, all my characters have appeared in that 52,000 words.

Yes, most of the major events have been included.


The last chapter has not been written.

The character development has as much meat on it as an emancipated stick-man.

Most of the characters barely do anything except those major scenes and the rest seems a lot like fluff without much relevance.


Redrafting is needed in abundance.

But on the bright side. I’ve written 52,000 words so I have something to work with. Maybe I will throw myself a small party. I shall go brew a celebratory pot of tea.

I’ve achieved something I hadn’t before. I know know that I can get this far so why not further.

All the same. Wish me luck with editing.


  1. Congratulations! This is a huge step. You totally deserve a party.. then get back to work. Mull things over a little. Have a break to reenergize so to speak. And because party! 🙂


  2. Oh I’m not a big fan of editing! I love writing and everything but when it comes to editing, to keep going over it!
    Okay I’m not making this better for you 😅
    But wow it’s amazing you’ve written that much! I hope you can finish it with a flourish 😉


  3. You’ve done well! I think my first attempt at a novel was around 40,000 words. Yup, it was real skinny. Keep going, Carol. The rest of that story is in you, and it must come out 🙂


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