National Poetry Day – A Poem Called Confusion

On the 8th October it will be National Poetry Day here in Merry’O’England.

To celebrate this I thought I’d track back through my old poems and bring out the very first ones that I published here on Writing and Works and see how they fit in with life today.This was brought about by discussing with a fellow blogger the troubles of improving as a writer and looking back on previous work that you realise wasn’t as good as you thought it was.

Over the last three years a lot of my priorities have changed and it seemed apt that in a month where we will be celebrating poetry, I should try my hand at responding to some of my own poems from back before University.

Feel free to try it yourself and link back in the comments section below. How has your image as a writer grown in the last three/four/five years?

March 2012:


It’s weird.
But I feel…
If I write it down
Then maybe…
It will be more real.
Because you!
You’re safe.
You’re constant
You’re sanity!
My sanity!
No questions asked
Or confusion
Or false reliance.
You don’t expect…
Expect me…
To be anything,
Anything at all,
Except for me.

But I don’t think…
No it can’t…
Not us?
See you’re safe,
You’re sanity.
We’re best friends
That’s you and me!
So please.
Don’t say,
You want more.
Don’t wait,
Don’t knock
On that locked door.
I guess…
In some ways…
In some,
I love you.
But as a friend,
And only as.
But in that!
That way!
I cannot…
Could not…
Love you more.

So don’t say love.
We’re not that.
See love can be fleeting,
But us?
We’re build to last.


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