Make Way For The Blonde Bombshell Going For The Try!

I make no secret of it, rugby is about the only sport I’ll sit down and watch, and it’s probably the only one I actually have any understanding of.

And that is all because of one insane, wonderful person, Connie Morgan. You know those people you meet and just thing, yes, your mind works in the same weird, eccentric way mine does and we are going to be friend. Meetings in public places become an issue because your weirdness together actually stands a chance of freaking other people out and sending them running.


This amazing friend of mine has kindly agreed to run a feature here on Writing and Works in honour of the Rugby World Cup. [Yes I know we’re a little late to the game but we got here in the end.]

Connie will be joining us once a week to share with us her take on the World Cup and all that surrounds it. As a past player, coach and more importantly, a die hard fan, this girls has blagged her way into Scottish Team after-parties and proven herself a formidable sports writer when handed a pen.

Look out on Wednesday for her take on how the game has changed in recent years, right here on Writing and Works.


Connie Morgan: The Tartan Duchess

Connie Morgan by Antonia Brennan

6ft blonde stunner who is a fanatic about rugby and more importantly rugby players! Half Welsh Half Scottish babe who keeps anyone on their toes with her sarcasm and wit.

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  1. Yay! I love Rugby. My husband and and I are watching as I type this. It’s not going well for Japan. (No surprise there.) It’s so much more fun a sport than American football, (though my husband doesn’t agree there, so don’t tell him I said that.) I wish it was more popular here; alas it’s not! In fact, I will cringe a little when I watch the U.S. Matches… Anyway, I will so look forward to your friend’s posts. 🙂


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