I’ve seen you pluck time

like plums

heavy and warm

from branches

out of our reach.

For you

past, present, future

all blend into one

and each moment lingers,

spreads across your face

like light creeping in

on lazy Sunday mornings.

I have followed you

through doorways unseen

down staircases dreamed

and across rivers summoned

in single breaths.

There is creation in your lips,

like those plumbs

you sow stones

that turn to seeds

grow into trees


taller than us both.

I have seen this universe

remade in your eyes.

 Jacek Yerka, 2011

 Jacek Yerka, 2011

A rather random little poem for Magpie Tales’ weekly writing prompt. I was going to write an Alice in Wonderland based story but decided to go with this instead. Let me know what you think.


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