You were a whirl around rollercoster with no brakes and even less track.

You weren’t the ride I was looking for and hell! After the first loop I wanted nothing more than to get off you then and there.

Off with you however, was never an option.

I kept us both clinging on by our fingertips. Despite the fall, the police, the lies.

Pin cushioned with splinters I tried laying track until the wood ran out and all that was left was the crash.

You walked away unharmed, and left me there, bleeding, like I knew you would.



  1. Reminds me of someone that I know very well, who was in a relationship with a carnival ride operator back in the States. It was torrid, brutal, and it set up a future of strangeness.

    In short, she had fun. Well written, and excellent work!


  2. I could tell you were a poet before I read your bio. Beautiful work, both harrowing and haunting, well done!

    Where about in Shropshire? I lived in Shrewsbury for a short time 🙂


  3. I’m glad to say I’ve never had a relationship like this (I’ve never liked speed or heights – physical or emotional). Great imagery/metaphor here; nice work.


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