In the mornings we would bake.


crust pastry

fairy cakes.

You’d whip round those edges,

make them trim

and leave the bits

for leaves and berries

from tiny fingertips.

Chairs pushed against worktops

one on either side,

you showed us how to do

this and that.

In the afternoons we shared apples.

Jo and I sat together

and you

with that single strand peel

turning always turning

until it coiled around my childhood

and tugged out an adult

who will always miss you,


and apples.



Julia ‘Ba’ Farr – 2 April 1915 – 17 November 2015


  1. What a wonderful portrait of one you care about and miss.
    So many exquisite details such as the single strand peeler, etc.
    I see by the photo and dates that today is the day she passed,
    so I know that the missing is very fresh. My condolences…
    and thanks for sharing your memories on this very difficult day.


  2. Amazing that you are able to write in the face of such immediate loss–but in my experience, poetry, or any art form for that matter, is a step on the way to healing. Thank you for being her. BTW, the focus on her cooking/food works so well.


  3. So very sorry for your loss, Carol, just today. What treasured memories you have of her teaching you her baking skills. There’s something very special about preparing food with a loved one.


  4. There is so much love in this, and truth that connects with my own childhood memories of standing on the kitchen chair learning from my grandmother how to knead kolache dough. I love the image of coming out of childhood “an adult who will always miss you.”


  5. I am so sorry for your loss, for this immediate loss. What a beautiful lady! How well she taught you and how you are so blessed. I shed some tears but smile back at that lovely picture and bless her.


  6. So sorry for your loss. She looks and sounds like a wonderful grandmother. The contrast between the concentrated baking and the very vivid image of the single apple peel coiling around your childhood, keeping you safe and warm and well-fed… there’s something of Seamus Heaney in this, and something uniquely your own. Very beautiful.


  7. Such beautiful memories. Her eyes radiate kindness and wisdom..I’m so sorry for the loss of such a dear woman in your life. I can tell how much you love her ❤


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