Farmhouse Christmas

The crumpled paper and tinsel meant that she’d just missed him. Checking the back kitchen she found the coat hooks empty and the dog missing too. He was out on the farm then., trudging through the snow to check on the sheep before lunch.

She tossed the wrapping into the bin alongside the cardboard and plastic tie from his new gloves. He’d left a note next to the rayburn.

Turkey on.

Called Thomas about lame ewe – coming about nine.

Gloves good.

Thank you.


She tacked it to the noticeboard and checked the clock.

Ten to.

Better brew the tea.



  1. I found your take on the prompt interesting. I felt the unspoken love between the characters. The gift is opened and thanks expressed. The thanks note is silently accepted and plan is made for having tea together.


  2. How lovely to have that relaxed atmosphere over Christmas where there are presents but life continues. I wouldn’t like to be a farmer though! Thank you so much for taking part in 100wcgu this time & hope to see you again!


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