Doodle-A-Day 1/1/16

January 1

Alongside my writing I decided to have a go at the doodle-a-day challenge to try and improve my drawing skills a little more. Nothing special, just a few random bits and bobs for today. A salt shaker, a glass, an eye, what’s supposed to be my thumb and the design from my engagement ring.


    1. Thank you. I started to have I go at drawing a bird, a little late for the eighth but it’s getting there. It’s a bit more detailed then some of the other drawings I’ve done and I’m really enjoying the challenge. I found your blog really inspiring.

      1. Thank you! I’m always so glad when I can inspire others. I’m really looking forward to seeing your bird! If you go to this link and include a link to your artwork, Kerfe will include it in her compilation of all of the bird artwork:
        I used to host it, and usually I waited about a week for everyone to get their artwork up. I imagine she’ll wait a bit too, so I in case you’d like to squeeze it in, I thought I’d give you the link!

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