Nonsense Poem

We, the fallen





You, autumn hurricane





        h        me

in tumble arms of coppered bronze

with fists of pawing, sweeping gold…

Turn me inside

turn me out

turn me all about.

I decided to write a bit of a nonsense poem. It’s really difficult to remember how to spell catch when your writing each letter on a different line…

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  1. Carol, I appreciate the artistry of the dragon and the breakdown of words in this poem. The drawing reminds me of the Dragon Kin series by G.A. Aiken :). Question though, what’s with the hanging letter ‘e’ and if I were to comment on something that was a bit off, it’d be the structure of:
    autumn hurricane”

    where instead I’d like it to be similar to the “We, the fallen.” So it’d be:

    “You, autumn hurricane” etc. But alas, tis your poem. Thank you for the post!

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