Doodle-A-Day 9/1/16

BirdBird 2Bird 3


The Violet-Tailed Sylph

So instead of putting up just the finished piece I decided to post a few of the images that I took while trying to draw this one.

One of the things that I wanted to achieve with this doodle-a-day challenge was to improve my technique when sketching. Improvement only comes with practice so for this doodle I decided to try and draw something that really challenged me.

I’m not a 100% happy with how it looks after the water-colour pencils but that’s something I can work on throughout the year and hopefully get right on a future piece.


  1. Wow, quite lovely, Carol! Is it graphite first, then wc pencil? I’m so glad you’re drawing every day. Your work is going to go straight up – you’re already quite good, IMO! Really lovely, detailed work!


  2. I love the image and a doodle a day sounds like a great way to start the year. I think I will do that too.


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