Winter Haibun

In the morning I woke to find you watching from the window, dressing gown pulled tight as the snow came in drift and flurries against the glass. Next-door’s cat had already asserted itself across the garden. One thin set of paws from corner to corner, from rose bush to compost bin, long and straight.

I lie there, still softened by sleep and content to see the tracks fill with snow through the calmness in your eyes. We’ll stay like this, in silence. Until the sun has risen high enough for the snow to melt and the birds to brave to skies and next doors cat returns from hunting with mice or vole. Until it rouses you from the window and brings you back to bed, where I will lie waiting for you.


Wonderland winters

stay only in the present.

They end too quickly.


This prompt from dVerse Poets has been rolling around in my head all week and more specifically I’ve been trying to work out how to write something less dark than my first attempt ‘Flower’.

This is what I ended up with. I’m really not sure what I think about the ending but after fiddling around for a bit I’m tempted to just leave it as it is.


  1. Most born explorers..
    seeking.. finding ways
    of new to eat.. to shelter..
    humans truly no different
    than cats and territory for
    food.. except holding hands..
    together to gather as one…

    Wonder’s muse
    hand in hand
    friends of now..:)


  2. It’s yummy too, albeit in a different way from the first. I didn’t at all mind the darkness of that one, and I also loved the softness in this.


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