1. Having blown the haibun twice, then spelled haibun wrong because of the frustrating auto-spell checker/adjuster, I can relate to your word “drat!”


  1. There was that excellent SHO series, FLESH & BONE, & the great film THE BLACK SWAN; both came to mind while reading your mini-opus. The women I’ve known who were into ballet had weird posture & damaged feet.


    1. That can happen, especially as there’s no room to fall behind. I did ballet as a little girl but gave it up when I was about ten. I don’t think I could have coped with the pressure if I’d carried on.


  2. Well done. Great take on this. Ah Swan Lake…..what is so amazing is that the ballet folks (men and women) make it look so effortless. One time I sat in the front row and saw the sweat, the hands quivering while the male held the hand of the female and spun her three or four times….the strain as they held the arabesque, etc. It is indeed an art form that is created for the viewers so that all stress and “work” disappears in a froth of sequins, tutus, feathers and lovely music. Well done!


  3. Ballet dancing 230 Lbs..
    even harder than
    dainty 115 lb
    but still NOW
    often identified
    as a professional
    dancer i am..
    until women
    fall into
    my arms
    and i
    drop them..
    then they
    find out..
    a lesson
    or rule of
    dance for
    me ALL FREE..:)


  4. Love the wording in this and you fixed the ‘drat’ thing so well there’s no way to tell the inclusion of ‘dance’ was a ‘fix’ that occurred after the comments started! Bravo 🙂


  5. Brava! I disabled auto-correct because it kept correcting my Romanji Japanese and making me crazy. Wonderful poem about that hard work of ballet. With season tickets to the ballet, I kept seeing those dancers and some of the beautiful but tortured movements. Great work.


    1. It is certainly a worthwhile pursuit but as with anything you have to dedicate a lot of time. I found I had greater loves that ballet and wanted to focus my attention on them, but I sometimes regret not going further with it.


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