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Life Between The Moments

There’s a tip tap of water,

like fingernails rapping

against the inside of the sink,

clawing and chattering

as the boiler hisses long and slow

to the radiators reluctant,

waking, their yawns ratteling

as lorries rumble past

and the house shudders off dust

of old bricks loosening over time

until it feels like all that left holding

are the cobwebs strung along the ceiling

from timber to timber,

curved like this house’s sagging belly

while I sit alone

with my face raised and blank,

waiting for something to happen.

I wanted to write something new for DVersePoets’ Open Link night but I wasn’t sure what to go with so I took inspiration from today’s Daily Post Prompt: ‘Yawn – What bores you?’

I wasn’t entirely sure what bores me, so instead I decided to write about those moment where boredom sort of creeps up on you and you notice all those little things that slip by on the normal days.


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Carol Forrester is a twenty-four year old writer trying to be a better one. Don’t ask her what her hobbies are because the list doesn’t get much beyond, reading, writing and talking about the same. She has a 2:1 BA degree in history from Bath Spa University and various poems and stories scattered across the net. Her flash fiction story ‘Glorious Silence’ was named as River Ram Press’ short story of the month for August 2014 and her short story ‘A Visit From The Fortune Teller’ has been showcased on the literary site Ink Pantry’s. Most recently, her poem ‘Sunsets’ was featured on Eyes Plus Words, and her personal blog Writing and Works hosts a mass of writing from across the last five years. She has been lucky enough to write guest posts for sites such as Inky Tavern and Song of The Forlorn and is always open to writing more and hosting guest bloggers here on Writing and Works. With hopes of publishing a novel in the next five years and perhaps a collection or two of smaller works, Carol Forrester is nothing if not ambitious. Her writing tries to cover every theme in human life and a lot of her work pulls inspiration from her own eccentric family in the rural wonders of Shropshire life.


  1. Carol, this is just a gorgeous capturing. Your use of alliteration, assonance and sound are so well done. I was there with you.

  2. Carol, you have crystalized the feeling of those kinds of days when nothing special seems to be going on, but when you look around in your environment there are sights and sounds all around!

  3. And to think, I am rarely bored. I love this poem of everyday sounds, the alliteration, the noticing that creeps up on one,

    of old bricks loosening over time
    until it feels like all that left holding
    are the cobwebs strung along the ceiling…
    Excellent! I used to hear those same sounds in the house where I was raised. so much in this one poem, one of your best, I think.

    • Thank you. I was a little stuck for what to write and the daily prompt helped bump start that. Having my own home has meant I’ve had more of those moments where I’m on my own in it so it was nice to actually use that in a piece of writing.

    • I’m glad you weren’t bored and it’s interesting to read your interpretation, especially as my own little, sagging house is in the centre of a town. Not quite Hansel and Gretel’s forest but perhaps a forest in its own way.

  4. So many lines I really really like here!

    “the house shudders off dust
    of old bricks loosening over time”


    “…cobwebs strung along the ceiling
    from timber to timber,
    curved like this house’s sagging belly”

    You’ve captured so well, the idea of someone sitting, waiting for something, watching and suddenly noticing that which they’ve not seen before….and the description here is priceless…this old house aging, just like its occupant. And perhaps the house has not seen or noticed her again before….imagine what the house would see, if things were so quiet, that it too would begin to look more closely at her! 🙂

    Really really love this piece!

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