If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee tea then I’d have to apologise for turning up in my gym clothes. After four weeks of laziness, I’ve finally managed to drag my butt back to the gym and the Saturday morning pilates class that I’d been getting into before Christmas. It hurt more than I remember it doing, but that could be because I’ve spent the Christmas in a sort of lazy slumber. That isn’t the only reason I’ve pushing myself back to the gym again however, I’ve signed up for Race For Life’s 10k this summer a Tatton Park. It will be my third year running the race and I’m hoping to raise a little more than last year for the cause. It’s always a great day with lots of ladies in pink who help to push you along when you feel yourself flagging. My best time was one hour and eight minutes so I’m hoping to managed it in just under an hour this year.

If we were having coffee tea I’d let you know that last week’s wobbly over the novel seems to have worked itself out. I’m motivated again and while I haven’t actually sat down to write this week I’m hoping this afternoon and tomorrow will be productive days. I’ve part way through chapter nine and by tomorrow night I wanted to be at the end of chapter twelve or further. I’m going to have to plan my time out carefully soon as I’m about to take on an AAT qualification in Accounting. Alongside full time work and study, writing might find itself falling along the wayside somewhat, but I’m hoping that if I cut out TV and similar distractions I should be able to get everything I want to do done. One thing I want to do this week is to write a schedule of all the blogging events I want to do in the week and have it above my desk so I can see it. I think it might help me stay focused. [Or it might not. I’m weird that way.]


If we were having coffee tea I’d also want to let you know that this week I published my 500th post on this site! I didn’t realise that I was even anywhere near 500 posts and the 500th ended up being a little doodle of a bottle that I’d only posted because I’d forced myself to sit down and IMG_1055completed my doodle-a-day challenge. It lifted my mood quite a lot though to see that little blue badge flash up and I’ve been thinking about how much this blog has grown over the last three years. It now has over a thousand followers and while my first posts were lucky to get a single like, the ones so far this year have often got between fifteen and thirty likes. I’ve also managed to engage with the blogging community on a scale that I’ve never managed before, thanks to events like the Weekend Coffee Share and DVerse Poets.


If we were having coffee tea, I’d say thank you for all your wonderfully, kind, motivating comments from last week. I was feeling a little lost and a little down and so many of you came back with fantastic words of encouragement. Each one of you made me smile and I’m so grateful for you taking the time.



  1. I like your doodle a day. I have tried to do a drawing a day, but I dropped it after less than a week. I used to try to have a new drawing for each post, but in the last year I’ve only managed a handful. I hope you keep going! It’s like mental cross-training with your writing.
    I hope you do get a lot of writing done.
    Good luck with getting ready for the 10K. I did one last year. I might do the same one again, but I’m not sure.


    1. I find the 10k a really good mid-year goal point. By signing up I’ve given myself a fitness task each year so even if I don’t want to go to the gym I’ve sort of had to at least attempt to get in some sort of shape.


  2. Congratulations on the 500+ posts 😉 I am nearing in on the 200 and hopefully by the end of 3016, no let’s be optimistic by the end of 2016 (I just had to leave that typo…) I will be at 500 posts myself.
    I can feel you for the blogging events, I try to do some but not too many, do there are those I join in every once in a while.
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Well done getting back into the gym. My running buddy and I have just reached 5K but we’re hoping to push on to 10K and run a race in Norwich in August. It feels like a loooong way off at the moment. I hope you enjoy training for yours, that seems like a great time.

    Also congrats on your 500th post, that’s amazing 🙂


  4. Yes experiencing with different themes work. This one looks like it might have two columns but so far I have found out where. I might seek help from support however I like to do it myself as it is fun and you learn doing it. Good luck in your training and endeavors.


  5. Love that the Doodle a Day is still working out for you! Congratulations on publishing your 500th post and for building your blog…neither of which are easy, but both are quite fulfilling 🙂

    Have a wonderful week ahead!


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