Blue Trellis



Photo Prompt – Copyright Ceayr


Lilly had been expecting something more than blue, trellis gates. Beyond them, the compound crept west, the concrete yard broken up by thistles and nettles, bursting out of the cracks and spilling out onto the emptiness. She swallowed and looked at the gates again, imagined something stronger, like steel or iron, tall and spiked.

‘Three, fifteen,’ said the woman beside her. She sucked air through her teeth and tapped at her watch. ‘Your uncle said he would meet us here.’

Lilly nodded and peered past the weeds. She nibbled her lip and then stopped.

Remember, she thought. Just be nice.



  1. This is very intriguing. You’ve set up the tension and left me wondering just what’s going on. She wanted ‘steel’ and ‘spikes’ – hmm.


    1. Honestly, I was trying to create a scene where Lilly was looking for sanctuary and hoping the compound would be it. I seemed to have put more tension into this piece than I intended.


  2. hmmmm Lily is being escorted by her impatient aunt…..expects stronger, harder gates….and then “nibbles her lip” and reminds herself [in a small voice] “Just be nice.”
    I added the small voice as it’s what I’m hearing between the lines… she being “brought” to her uncle? My imagination takes me to where I don’t want it to go! ….and that’s the mark of good writing…right? It gets the reader involved and connecting and imagining on!
    Well done.


    1. Thank you, I’m happy to hear that I kept you imagining on. It’s amazing me how far some people have taken this story actually. There have been some much darker interpretations that I intended.


  3. Poor Lily, not quite what she expected. I thought as Liz above did, with the girl having found a new home and trying not to be too disappointed. An intriguing story in any case.


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