If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee:

Well this week has been a productive one so I’d invite you to join in with the take-away that I’ve deemed to be the perfect reward for what has been a very grown-up and busy few days.

I’ve finally got the go ahead to start my AAT Accounting Technicians Level Two Qualifications and I’ll be picking the pack up on Monday night so that’s the first bit of accomplishment for the week. As well as that I’ve managed to switch my gas and electric supplier to someone cheaper, enter a poetry competition, had a meeting with a mortgage consultant and hit 30,000 words for my novel!

On the writing front things are going fairly well. I’ve got 30,000 words of the re-draft written which equals the first ten chapters and about a third of the story. The re-draft is actually turning out a lot longer than the first draft and the plot line has also developed quite a bit. I’m happier with the characters this time as well, they seem more real and more developed. Unfortunately, the book will probably have to wait for a few months after Monday as I want to spend my time focusing on passing my AAT qualification first so this weekend will be last one that I really get to focus on it.

I also managed to pluck up the courage and enter another poetry competition. I don’t hold much hope for it, but I thought it was about time that got on and entered a few more. The deadline is midnight tonight, which I forgot about until ten o’clock this morning… I may have panicked slightly.

Overall I’ve managed to get quite a bit of stuff done this week that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’ve not written as much as I wanted to but I’ve got other stuff done and I’m managing to stick to my ‘need to be more productive’ 2016 resolutions. This year I wanted to:

  1. Complete Darkened Daughter      [30,000/100,000]
  2. Complete Doodle-A-Day
  3. Post each day
  4. Stay on track for my Goodreads
  5. Complete an AAT accountancy qualification
  6. Go to the gym at least twice a week

So far, I’ve only failed at number six and since it’s only January I’d say I’ve got time to turn that around.



  1. Your resolutions are pretty ambitious. I’m impressed that you’ve done most of them.

    Would you consider exercising at home or walking outside as “going to the gym”?


  2. Thank you so much Carol for reminding me about entering poetry competitions. Have got to get back onto that.
    You are making great headway there. Well done.
    Things for me are on quite a different footing as I get my head around the new school year and the new schedule. It’s going to take a few weeks I think.
    All the best with it all and thanks for the coffee xx Rowena


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