Central Command

I’ve finally got around to reposting the updated, redrafted version of my Headquarters story to it’s own site! I first uploaded Headquarters three years ago. Since then my writing has improved and hopefully so has my edited. Take a look and let me know what you think!


Sasha checked the wall of screens again, their soft glow falling across her desk as she shuffled papers in the gloom. No sign of any incoming attacks, and most of the western borders were quiet. Something of a skirmish had broken out just north of Paris but her boys were taking care of that; it was nothing to spend time watching.

Leaning back in her chair she double checked, eyes glancing from screen to screen before settling on the keyboard in front of her.

Dear Mr President she typed, fingers hesitating as she debated what to put next. She hovered, glancing back up to see if her boys had finished with the outlying force yet and then re-focused her attention.

‘Dear Mr President…’ she read the words back to herself and wriggled her fingers. Discussions must be opened… her fingers stopped again. There was no use in it, no matter…

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