Confessions Of A Bookworm March 2016


I know, I know, I know. This post was meant to go up on Wednesday and now it’s Saturday instead. I also managed to miss February all together so this post will include some of the books that I read over that month as well.

What Am I Reading

So there are a couple of books that have been lurking around on the ‘Currently Reading’ list for a while. As a compulsive book hopper I tend to put a book down for a few weeks and then return to it later if it hasn’t completely got my attention or if a new book turns up that I’m desperate to read. So for the purpose of this post I’ll focus on the newbies on the list.

‘Glass Sword’ and ‘After You’ are both sequels and both books have only just turned up on this list. I’m most of the way through ‘After You’ already as I really love Jojo Moyes’ writing style. It’s a very easy read despite tackling tough topics. I fell in love with the main character Lou in the first book ‘Me Before You’ and the ‘After You’ is just as engaging. It helps that the world Jojo writes in is very human and familiar. While I love fantasy and scifi, sometimes a break is good.

‘Glass Sword’ is the follow up to ‘Red Queen’ and is another dystopia world with significant social divides and a trodden down heroine desperate to save her family. It’s not by any means the only book of its kind but I’m enjoying it all the same. I’m not very far in so I won’t say very much about it.

‘Blackbirds’ is the last book I’m going to talk about in this section and that’s because once this post goes up I’m going downstairs, cooking a bacon sandwich, and sitting down with that flipping book and getting it read. My aim for the end of April is to have finished all these books lurking around on my currently reading list and get some fresh blood on there. ‘Blackbirds’ will be the first one I tackle.


Recently Finish

I’m aiming to read fifty books this year and currently I’m two books behind target so this section will have to start getting a bit bigger each month if I want to stay on track.

I’ll start with ‘The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe’. I have Douglas Adams’ whole series sat on my bookshelves. They are the sort of books that I keep telling myself I should read, but never seem to get around to. ‘The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe’ was me doing such that. Despite being set in space, it has the same familiar feel to it in places as ‘Me Before You.’ Arthur Dent’s obsession with a decent cup of tea wins me over almost immediately and it’s a fun book. I’m not sure I’d go back to it, but I enjoyed it all the same.

I’ll cover ‘The Fire Prince’ and ‘The Blood Curse’ in one. For starters, I did not expect Emily Gee to rival George R R Martin on the bloodthirsty scale! I have never read a series quicker, terrified on every page that the characters I’d really come to invest in were about to get a throwing star to the temple. The whole series was engaging and by the end of it I wished she had written more books.

‘Me Before You’ will make you cry, there is no two ways about this. The trailer for the movie came out a couple of months back and Lou’s character leapt out at me then. I ordered the book and thought I might read it before going to see the film, it turns out that I couldn’t put it down once I’d picked it up. Within two days I had finished ‘Me Before You’, had a good cry and ordered ‘After You.’ As I said earlier, Jojo’s writing has a wonderfully familiar tone to it. Lou’s home town reminds me a lot of the town near to my childhood home and the whole book has this English quirkiness about it that I loved from page one. Lou’s mother who is so house proud it’s insane, her father who makes endless bad jokes, and her grandfather who’s just muddling along in the background. It felt real and the romance in the story was so beautifully heartbreaking. Check out the trailer for the film here.

‘Night Study’ and ‘Daughter Of The Blood’ were two books that I pre-ordered and couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Both are fantasy fiction, both have strong female characters and both are books that I get way too excited about.

One of the things I like most about The Wall of Night series is that while love and relationships take place in the book, they are never the main plot-line. The focus is always on saving Harth and the people in it. Friendship in some ways replaces romance in these books, playing its part among duty and honour.

This instalment of the series doesn’t feature Mailin as much as the previous two, looking more at Kalan and his part in the storyline instead. This is another strength in Helen Lowe’s writing as she managed to write both female and male story lines while building up this great sea of flesh out, full bodied characters. The names can sometimes be a little confusing as some are very similar but other than that I find it hard to criticize her work. I enjoy reading it too much.

‘Night Study’ is the fifth book in the ‘Poison Study’ series. I’m going to admit that ‘Night Study’ isn’t my favourite book in the series however. It’s very much a set up for the sixth book and reading it I could see that very little would be resolved before the book ended. All the characters I love were still there and it was a great read by an author I greatly admire, but it just wasn’t as good as it’s counterparts.

Finally, ‘Red Queen’ by Victoria Aveyard. My Amazon account has been recommending this book to me for months but it never really caught my attention that much. As I said about ‘Glass Sword’, the plot-line itself isn’t that original, but it’s still pretty well written and I enjoyed reading it. I was a little disappointed in Mare. Throughout the book she is fighting to control her own destiny but it’s quite clear she’s being pulled along by everyone else. I’m hoping that she will come into her own in ‘Glass Sword’ but at the moment I’m finding her somewhat lacking. She doesn’t demand respect like Celaena or Mailin. She doesn’t invoke any real change, stuff just happens to her. Once again though, it’s still a pretty readable book. Victoria Aveyard writes it well and I didn’t get bored reading it or want to put it down. All in all I was pretty happy with my choice to read it.


What I’m Reading Next


‘Desolation’ will be in my hands by Thursday which I’m pretty excited about. Other than that I’m not sure what I’ll be reading next. I’m mainly focusing on clearing out my currently reading list and getting on with the books already on my bedside table. I have six hundred books in my house and great chunks of them are only half read. I doubt that will stop me buying more though. I picked ‘The God of Small Things’ up from an Oxfam shop in Nantwich and the woman at the till recommend as I was paying which is always a good sign so I want to read that soon as well.

So there you have it. February and March’s books. Let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts on the books and what you’re reading at the moment. Are you a book hopper too or do you stick to one book and see it through to the end? Perhaps you take part in WWW Wednesdays too!


  1. […] Well, this week has been somewhat more productive than last, but I haven’t got as much writing done as I wanted to. I’ve managed to get a lot of reading in and finished four books as well as making some good progress of The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scot Lynch. I’ve been stuck at about page fifty for the last six months and I decided it was time to get this book read once and for all. It’s not that I don’t like the book, it’s just I’ve had other ones popping up on the doorstep that have distracted me from reading it. To be honest though, last month I read very little so I’m playing catch up with my Goodreads reading goal and I didn’t bother with an April update on what I’ve been reading like I did in March. […]


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