If We Were Having Coffee…


Good afternoon wonderful readers. Now I did quite a chatty blog post yesterday when I talked about NaPoWriMo Day One, but since I’m trying to have a super productive blogging day today and I do love this weekly feature, I see no reason why not to write another one.

So, if we were have coffee tea, I’d let you know that while things are moving on as productively as I like, they are moving!

I’m in the middle of redrafting what was chapter ten and is now chapter sixteen. Most of the redraft so far has been me writing chapters from scratch again, which I find a lot easier than sitting down and going through an older chapter to try and rework it. However, chapter ten has pretty much stayed the same and it would be silly for me to start again from scratch. Instead I’m trying to cut out all the major points that don’t fit with the new draft, bash some order into the chapter and then I’ll go through it start to finish and rework what is left over. That way I’m not bouncing between writing and slicing and finding the paragraph I just added completely changes the way in which the chapter was heading. This chapter will also take me past the 50,000 word mark which is halfway to my target wordcount for the novel but if I’m honest I might go above that if the first 50,000 words are anything to go on. I’m still not 100% sure where I want to end the book. I know it’s going to be one of a series so I’ve got some flexibility in it but I don’t want to leave things too incomplete, but I also don’t want to make it too long. For those of you wondering how long 50,000 words is in pages, it’s about 140 A4 pages double spaced. I always print double spaced because it makes editing easier in the long run.

This week I have also managed to get some more studying done. I’m working my way through module two of my AAT Accounting Technicians course. I did want to spend most of today on it as well but instead I ended up blogging and reading. I don’t want to call today a wasted day because it wasn’t, but I certainly don’t feel like it was as productive as it should have been.

I am also now the proud owner of two shrimp. Someone I know wanted to get rid of their fish tank after a run of bad luck with goldfish so now we have a fourth tank and two shrimp. I’m planning on popping out in the morning to buy a couple of goldfish to keep them company. For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you might have seen me post about the six koi carp that live in the sitting room. [Monsieur, Doubloon, Carrot, Shadow, Noir & ‘one that Sean named and can never remember’] The fourth tank, which is about the same size as the koi one is out in the shed at the moment. Our little house literally doesn’t have enough room at the moment.

Lastly, this week saw the beginning of NaPoWriMo. For anyone who enjoys writing poetry, NaPoWriMo is a great way of getting a month’s worth of practice in. No need to follow the prompts if you don’t want to, all you need to do is write a poem a day for April. Day One’s challenge was to write a lune, day two a family portrait and so far so good. I wrote a poem for both days and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. It’s less pressure than taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo so I don’t feel like I’m going to be over-stretching myself by taking part.

So that’s me all rambled out for the week. How are the rest of you?


  1. Good luck with the redraft. I find the editing is the most time consuming and difficult of the tasks involved with writing. Marketing is also going to be hard but as I haven’t done that yet I don’dt know whether it will be harder than the editing or not.
    Fish are so addictive. We have three tanks – one goldfish, one with two large silver dollars (a relation of the pirahuana) and one with guppies. I have never seen shrimp being sold. I take it these are prawns? I wonder if the goldfish will eat them. Look forward to finding out over coffee. Have a good week.


    1. Prawns and shrimps are from different families. I’ve put a oranda in with the shrimp [and a sucker fish], and then in the other tank we’ve now got two platy which I’ve called Thelma and Louise.


    1. Well it’s less than half an inch so it doesn’t take much space and since it eats algae I’ve got no issues about feeding. Just plonk in a fish, feed that each day and hey presto, minny ecosystem.


        1. I know! We have a sucker fish as well which cleans the glass so I’m hoping it will be the easiest of the three tanks to look after. If Danny ever decided to come out that is. He or she [I can’t tell] has been hiding under the filter column since I let him out into his new home.


  2. So many fish! I am not allowed to have fish anymore. It’s a self-imposed restriction, of course, but I find it’s best this way. I’ve never had much luck keeping the fish alive, so I decided perhaps it was best for them and for me if I didn’t have anymore! lol

    Good luck with NaPoWriMo! 🙂


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