I still see you in that morning shimmer,

low across the fields,

tangled in the coils of mist

rising slowly off the brook.


I watch until the sun burns it away

and remember again,

your fingertips on my skin

still damp from dawn dew.


My first time back at dVerse poets for a few weeks. For those of you doing NaPoWriMo, Get yourselves to the bar at once! There are few better places to settle down and share your poetry that at the Poets Pub.


  1. I love what Bjorn said about the Turner painting, even Whistler in his misty period. So very atmospheric and romantic. I agree, the word count makes it great for teaching us how to write succinct poetry.

  2. I can imagine that “apparitions” may be seen in an early morning “tangled in the coils of mist/rising slowly off the brook.” Quite a dreamy quadrille of memories, Carol…so lovely.

  3. This poem is beyond gorgeous. The emotion in this is palpable without being sappy. I can sit here and close my eyes and see this. Indeed, the painting of Whistler I see is View Of the University of Michigan….the mist and colors. Or even his Nocturne: Trafalgar Square. The mood of this poem is perfection.

  4. Oh, Carol, I could see that morning shimmer. I think it’s a very British thing, the mist in the fields and the dewy grass. Wonderful poem.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 My parents’ farm was built on peat land so we always got a lost of mist around the house when I lived there. It was beautiful and creepy at the same time.

  5. I love that a little hyphen insertion turns the first line into “I still-see you in that // mo(u)rning shimmer.”

    Beautiful poem.

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