NaPoWriMo Day Six

Taste of Childhood

I will always remember,

dining chairs at the kitchen cupboards,

and plaiting pastry

for the tops of apple pies.

I will remember rice puddings

made at least once a fortnight

despite the fact

only you seemed to like them.

I will remember afternoons,

and thick cut real bread

with home made jam

and cups of tea milky and sweet

in tiny mugs

that now

I could wrap my hand around.

I will remember your

face when I came home from school

and the way your arms

felt around my back.


I will remember I love you still.

Good afternoon fellow NaPoWriMo participants and lovely, lovely readers!

I’ve been a bit lazy about getting my novel written the past few days so once this poem is up I’m disappearing for a couple of hours to get the next chapter polished off and that 50,000 word count finally crossed out.

I just want to remind you all that starting Monday, Writing & Works will be hosting guest posts by poets from across the blogging spheres up until the end of the month.

I’m hoping for a guest post each day and currently we have two poets who’ve signed up so we’re still looking for more!

Interested or know someone who might be? Email me at

More information about the event on my post ‘Call For Guest Bloggers‘.

Feel free to share the call. The more people who hear about it the more poets we can get involved and the more readers we can introduce to them!

Happy NaPoWriMo.


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