If We Were Having Coffee

Hi everyone, it’s that time of the week again when we you get to hear me ramble at you about my week. For once I’ve had a pretty eventful week and managed to get quite a bit done so it’s going to be a pretty full post.

So if we were having coffee I’d tell you all about…



Okay, so that’s probably not the most important part of my week, but I actually went out and bought them, brought them home, sorted out the tanks and got everything sorted out by myself. Fiancée was asleep for the whole duration of my going out, buying said fish, returning and putting them in the tank.


‘Yes, fish.’

‘Couldn’t you have bought some better one?’

Apparently he isn’t the biggest fan of platty fish but oh well. They’re mine and I love them. I bought three, one oranda called Danny and two platty who I’ve named Thelma and Louise. Thelma and Louise seem pretty happy with their new tank, Danny however has decided that the tiny space beneath the filter column is the best place in the world to hide out from the world.

In other less fishy news, I’ve managed to complete the first 50,000 words of my novel! Yay me. This only brings me up to chapter sixteen and the second half of the novel is terrifying me because I keep remembering bits from the first 50,000 words that I haven’t come back to yet, that seem to have no resolution in sight. I’m going to keep going though and in the end I’ll have a finished manuscript ready to send out to readers. I’m defiantly getting there with my writing, I just need to remember that it takes time to write a book and just because I’m not finished yet, doesn’t mean I’m never going to finish.

This week also marked the first full week of NaPoWriMo. For those of you following my blog you will have seen my attempts at responding to the first seven days of prompts for this event. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t been the best poems, what matters is that I’ve got some poetry down on the screen and my readers seem to be enjoying it.

my_family_and_other_superheroes_covercosta_quicksand coverWhich brings me nicely to my next point. As of Monday, I am hosting a guest-post-a-day marathon for poets! If you are a poet or you know a poet then let me know if you’re interested in writing a post about why you write poetry, how you got into it and who inspires you. I have three poets lined up for the first three days so there are still plenty of spaces to be filled. Email me at caroljforrester@hotmail.com.

Poetry has defiantly been the theme of this week and I actually managed to get my butt back to the wonderful Shrewsbury Poetry night that takes place on the first Thursday of each month. Alongside the normal array of wonderful local poets, this month saw Jonathan Edwards taking to the stage to share some of his work. Winner of the 2014 Costa Poetry Award, this Welsh Poet was something to behold. He was funny and clever, reading us some fantastic poetry. I even picked up a signed copy of his book ‘My Family And Other Superheroes’ which I’m taking great joy in making through.

Also taking the stage was Kate Innes, author of ‘The Errant Hours’, a historical fiction set in the thirteenth century.

Welsh Marches, July 1284 – the uprising in Wales is over, the leaders gruesomely executed, the dead are buried. But for Illesa Arrowsmith, the war’s aftermath is just as brutal. When is brother is thrown into the Forester’s prison on false charges, she is left impoverished and alone. All Illesa has left is the secret manuscript entrusted to her – a book so powerful it can save lives, a book so valuable that its discovery could lead to her death.

When the bailiff’s daughter finds it, Illessa decides to run, and break her brother out of jail by whatever means. But the powerful Forester tracks them down, and Illesa must put herself and the book at the mercy of an scrupulous knight who threatens to reveal all their secrets, one by one.

Inspired by the seductive art of illuminated manuscripts, The Errant Hours draws from the deep well of medieval legend to weave a story of survival and courage, trickery and love.

If you want to check out Kate Innes’ website the link is here.

That’s about it for this week, not a whole lot more has happened. I’ve been getting more hits on my writing, but that could be because I’ve been more active. All in all this week has been productive and I’m hoping next week will be productive too.

How are all of the rest of you?



  1. I used to have fish tanks. I have had fresh water fish and salt water fish. The salt water fish die a lot. I just stopped doing it, but I love fish.


  2. Enjoy reading about your fish they sound like a fun deal. Congratulations on working on your novel. You will eventually get it finished. I am not much for reading poetry.


  3. Good to hear you’re making progress on the novel. I may have found an idea that might make for good novel material. I’m doing research and I have created a Pinterest board dedicated to this project. I haven’t worked out chapter breakdowns yet. That’s coming, though.


      1. There are a few that do. I’m keep the list short. I’ve heard you shouldn’t, but I feel like I need opinions from writers more versed in this process than I am.


        1. I found my plot line changed a lot while writing. The important bit for me was getting it down into the page and seeing how the plan worked out in reality. Don’t worry about making sure all the plot holes are filled until the redraft.


  4. Congratz on the 50k words, thats awesome! And special Hi! for the fishies!
    I would love to participate in your poetry event, I’ll make sure to write to you!


  5. Hi Carol.
    I read your coffee post this morning precariously balancing my laptop on the kitchen table while eating porridge and drinking coffee, pray that they don’t have a close encounter. Well done for getting so far on your book and I echo the sentiments Kate Innes wrote to you. I went to a fabulous author talk on Saturday, which I’ve written up in my coffee post. You had the old famous author alongside his daughter. Their collaborative effort was her first novel.
    I was really stoked to read your coffee post this morning and will email you. I am currently swimming in poetry and it’s so enriching, like eating fresh produce straight from your garden, which is so crisp, fresh and bursting with nutrients. I am writing letters to Dead Poets for the A-Z Challenge. I’ve been writing letters to poets who have inspired me throughout the years and I’ve noticed quite a transition as I get older.
    I would love to write a post for your series an dwill email you.
    xx Rowena


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