Guest Post – Mukthi Raja

First up in our series of guest bloggers here at Writing and Works is a young poet, Mukthi Raja, from Hyderabad, India. Her work can be found on her site ‘Song of The Forlorn’ but just for today she’s here to share with us why poetry is important to her.


I am Mukthi Raja from Hyderabad,India.
I am 17 years old and writing is more than just a passion to me, it is almost like my escape from reality and a way to rant. Writing helps me express things I would never say out loud. I started writing at the age of 14
Talking about me as a person I am a bit introverted, as in being socially active is not my type of a thing, but I do not like being alone for a long time! I mean, I like having friends too, but in this world I have realized everybody is fake; so a few friends, some delicious food (that’s the code for pizza) and a little time for myself and I am a happy girl!!



After reading an unusually unique book,

there I was, sitting by the window,

on a bright November afternoon,

pondering about my future.

Like the characters in the novel,

I kept wondering whether the future held

success in it for me .Whether i would

ever be recognised , praised and applauded

for using the skills I behold.

“will I ever be truly happy with myself?”

“If life has written success for me,” I said

to myself “what is my unique skill?”

“do I have hobbies other than obsessing over books?”

“am I supposed to do something great in my life?’

I had a hundred thoughts rushing to my mind

as though a river flowing through a terrain of bumpy rocks.

My river formed many meanders and kept gushing ,

in the end , it lead to a sea-full of thoughts and dreams.

Like all the cliché stories of inspiration,

adrenaline rushed to me from the gushing river.

i knew what i had to do, I had to combine,

in an imperfect amateur harmony ,

these thoughts with the new words i had learned at school.

Little did i know,

that such a flow of thought would

lead me to this wonderland,

of passionate writing and ranting.

Till date I haven’t realised what made me

want to put down my thoughts in blue ink.

But I did and even though I am not

exactly the definition of successful,

even though not many people recognise me,

even though I have not been applauded much,

i know for a fact that i am truly happy

as can now I recognise myself,

I can applaud myself,

and i can surely say that

getting in touch with my inner self,

touching a few hearts,

and reaching a state of self acceptance

all through writing,

is a success to me.

writing has presented to me

a new way to live and

a new perspective for gushing.

for my words could one day

be the source for another river.

And that will be actual



and the best applaud.


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