Where the moon meets the sea

there are pathways of silver,

mapped out on the ocean

like needlework seams.



with the waves at our heels,

you found the closest edge

and hung everything we knew

over the emptiness.


It wasn’t much.

A carry-on bag with battered handles,

stickers from my sister’s scrapbook

and a I heart Burtledge magnet

super-glued to the canvas.


It had never been very far from home.



I had never been very far from home.



Not really 100% happy with this piece. I struggled to find and ending that worked by I’m absolutely exhausted so this will have to do.


  1. Having just returned from Bermuda where we stayed in an apartment with a deck that overlooked the St. George’s Harbor — two months of serenity — I especially found the image of the moon’s silver path, etched in the water as needlework seams, truly beautiful and unique. So many write of the water — this is truly beautiful and unique. This is a fantasia — very well penned. I actually liked the ending — no struggles do I see.


  2. I like this … especially the first stanza … and especially the first line, which I initially misread as, “where the moon melts the sea,” a place I’d like to die, sigh-peer, in-two forever.


  3. The image of the moon on the water…gorgeous. the first stanza is breath taking. And the baggage at the end, not much but so telling. Never far from home, I like that. Wonderful fantasia of a poem.


  4. I agree, superb ending to a musical poem. I love the lines ‘pathways of silver,/
    mapped out on the ocean/like needlework seams’.


  5. Very fun — you generated a wonderful piece when even fatigued.

    One typo, I think:
    your found the closest edge (?should be “you”).

    That stanza was by far my favorite, btw. could imagining !


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