NaPoWriMo Day Twelve


adoption of cover names 63, 82

cover professions and stories 17, 65, 163, 538

disclosure of names xi-xii

documentation on xiv-xv, 189

fabrication of intelligence 185, 186, 187, 188, 190-191, 194, 220, 740

personality traits and frailties 29, 63-4, 163, 415, 463, 494, 57, 570, 594

problems in recruiting in peace time 662-3

salaries and payments 16, 19, 20, 29, 35, 90, 180, 193, 249, 275-6, 429-30, 455, 460, 650, 652, 662-3, 77ini

SIS granted sole control of overseas agents 48-9, 729

training for agents 537-8, 543, 589, 625-6

‘MI6 The History of the Secret intelligence Service 1909-1949’ by Keith Jefferey


Stamped out in capitals,

like half squashed bugs on a page,

real names are a low level hum

somewhere in the background.

Snow, Biscuit, Garbo…

You stop seeing the people,

the faces behind the codes.

Their twisted up personalities

become something to pick apart.

Who was he?

What drove him?

Why did he do it?

Did anyone know the real him?

The shock and horror,

or the old boy’s betrayal.

Did they not see it coming?

Did he not see it coming?



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