Oh Those Secrets We Let Out On The Page


Photo Prompt – Β Copyright Kent Bonham

His sketchbooks sat in two neat stacks on the shelves nearest the window.

He placed them there when they moved in.

In the evenings she would find herself watching the spines and wondering what it was that they contained.

Sixteen neat little books. No more than a centimetre deeper each. They never moved.

‘May I look?’ she asked one night.

He shook his head and laughed.

‘Why would you want to?’

She shrugged and turned back to the television.

He didn’t. He stood and moved for the shelves.

‘I’ve never shown anyone before.’Β He held one. ‘I wouldn’t know how.’



    1. Indeed. It’s a fear I had to conquer when I started this blog. I still get nervous about sharing my work with friends and family though. It’s so much easier on wordpress where the screen is there to protect you.


  1. I think this is going to be a more important moment for him than it is for her – I hope she realises this. Nicely crafted account of the stage where a relationship moves closer, or perhaps even further away.


  2. When it’s time, he’ll take the plunge..if ever. Detailed and riddled with real emotions. Good job


  3. Beautiful. This describes the shyness of the creative introvert perfectly. I think she has a genuine interest but doesn’t want to pester, and he finally opens up. Funny that often posting what we write on a blog with like-minded people is easier than sharing it with family and friends.


  4. Love this take, Carol. So true. Definitely a step closer to intimacy when you are ready to share that which is sacred to you.


  5. Relationships and sharing have always been dangerous, get it right and your sailing, get it wrong and… You are sailing


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