Guest Post – Varsha Ramdas

Hello wonderful readers! It’s time for the fourth contributors to this month’s poetry party. If you like what you see make sure to check out her site Wings of Words.

 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” Martin Luther King. And that is exactly why I write poems. I pen down my emotions through a poem. Poems are thoughts which I may not be able to speak out loud. These are the thoughts that maybe whelved so deep in my heart. For me, poetry is a sort of an “emotion translator”;  one which no emoticon can replace.

I started writing when I was a kid. Although I don’t remember much, I have been told by parents that I used to spend most of my time just writing (i.e just doodling on a paper:). But as I grew, this habit also grew along with me. I resorted to writing everything that came across my life. I began to see wonders in the tiniest of things. And now, I have started blogging all my ideas that have been running hither and thither.

I am no great poet, but I write. I write to pour out the thoughts of my heart. I write to explore myself. I write because I feel driven to. I write because I am in love with the world in my head. I write because I get inspired every single day by the little things that happen around me. Now, talking about inspirations, mine are many. I get inspired at different times by different things.   One question which will always remain unanswered- ‘how do we get dreams’? I try chasing behind this question every single day and I return with one and only one answer; DREAMS ARE FOR US TO GET INSPIRED!

Sometimes, the spooky night or the eye-piercing daylight  influence me. If we listen carefully, the blue oceans, the vast sky, a busy road, buzzing streetlights, paintings, they all have a story to tell us. A story, that can cast a magical net of wonders over us.

In short, poetry is my answer to every question that I have ever asked myself, poetry is a passion that will never die within me. In fact poetry is a sort of key that can unlock the feelings of my heart.

A writer is a writer because,

even when there is no hope,

even when everything you do

shows no signs of promise,

She keeps writing anyway…

When this life is just so magical, how can anyone stop themselves from grabbing that pen that can write a thousand words?  AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I WRITE POEMS….

Lastly, I would like to thank Carol for such a great initiative and for providing space for budding writers like myself. Lets all celebrate GloPoWriMo together!!!


I sat alone,

Mesmerized by the tall skyscrapers,

The night sky

And the lit up waters.

I was lost in a beautiful confusion.

Not knowing what to look at.

The ships that sailed in the sea

Gradually merged along with the sky

And faded into the unknown

I was in a state of oblivion,

Unaware of the happenings around me,

Immersed in the thoughts of the beautiful confusion.

What peace it gave me,

Just by staring into an impenetrable intricacy.

I was indeed lost eternally in that beautiful confusion.


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