Quiet Moments

I have taken to standing on the patio just to breathe.

I am not a yoga person,

gym based exercise tends to leave me gasping,

sucking down mouthful after mouthful,

while my face turns beetroot purple.

On the patio I do not worry about my complexion,

or how many dishes are left to wash,

or which load of laundry is due next.

I can just stand and listen to myself breathe.

A little poem for today’s daily-post prompt.Β Since today is also National Haiku Poetry Day [apparently] I thought I might as well add in a little haiku as well.

My hands on your ribs,

I feel each breath lift and fall

until the stillness.

If you want to read a few more of my haiku for today then you can find them on my post A Slightly Tipsy Haiku and even add your own in the comments.


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