If We Were Having Coffee

Once again Saturday has rolled around and all the lovely people who come together for the weekend coffee share are busy pulling writing their posts up. If you want to join in with the fun then make sure to check out Diana’s site PartTimeMonster.com to find the home of the weekend coffee share.

Now! Time for my weekly update.

So if we were having coffee, I’d have to let you know that once again this week hasn’t been the most productive when it comes to writing my novel and I haven’t got a lot of studying done either. There have been good reasons for this. Last Saturday the fiancée and I saw a house that we really liked and we put in an offer that has been accepted. We’re now getting all the bits and bobs that come next when buying a house sorted. This week has therefore been predominantly about making sure that we get all those little bits right.

I have been doing quite a bit of writing though, but it’s mainly been poetry. Today is the last day of NaPoWriMo and I have written the final poem of my April’s thirty poems in thirty days. Now I haven’t always done the poem the day I was meant to but I have completed the total number which is an achievement that I haven’t reached before so I’m really happy with myself. If you want to check out my poems you can find them in the menu bar at the top by click on NaPoWriMo 2016. I’ve put the link in the post as well.


This week and also some of last week has also been taken up by me trying to network and improve how I do things on this site. I think there have only been three days where I haven’t posted but NaPoWriMo has helped with that so I’ve been trying to work out how to keep up the momentum into May and June. I haven’t come up with a clear plan yet but I have been lining up some more guest posts on other blogs to help with networking so I do need to keep up things here. I’ve also invited a few people to post on Writing and Works to give the blog a bit more variation instead of just me writing all the while.

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you will have also seen a slight change in the direction of this blog. This has been partly influenced by these Saturday Coffee Shares and partly by vloggers such as iiSuperwomanii who I’ve found to be really helpful in encouraging me to be more positive and motivated. I did a guest post this week for Inky Tavern titled Trying To Be A Poet: Five Tips For Writing Better Poetry and another post here called Taking On Obstacles: Learning To Be Positive. I’ve been trying to write more posts designed to share the little bits and bobs I’ve picked up over the years so far. I’m terrible for letting stuff get me down and recently I’ve really been trying to tackle that and be more proactive and positive. The main point of the blog is still showcasing my writing and updates about my novel but I also want it to be somewhere that fellow can come to find a positive message and share their own positive messages.

Hope you all had a lovely week, I’m looking forward to reading some of the other WeekendCoffeeShares. Do leave a comment if you’ve got time, I love hearing from you. How do you stay positive? Has you blog changed in direction slightly since you started it? What is the most important thing you’ve learnt in writing?



  1. Good luck with the house! I’ve been there a few times and it is never fun having your financial life drug through the mud. But when you move into YOUR house, it makes it all worth it. I h’m sure you’ll soon be back on track with your novel.


  2. It’s good hearing from you. I read your poems over the thirty days. I enjoyed all of them. You are a talented poet. I wish I could write like that; it would be a good way to mix up my writing.

    One of the biggest things I learned from writing is that it takes passion and hard work to write. It’s not easy. I wrote posts for the A to Z Challenge ahead of time, and I found that it’s difficult getting straight to the point about things. I tend to ramble with my blogs, but the A to Z crew encourages shorter posts.

    Speaking of blogging, I came to a realization that I can use my blog for so much more. I started it as a means to share my work. Lately, I’ve used it to share my thoughts on life as well as writing. I couldn’t have chosen a better platform. And I’m sure as I continue to write, the more my blog will evolve.


    1. Thank you very much, it’s lovely to hear you’ve been reading the poems over April. Challenging myself has been the only way my poetry has got better. The improvements in the last three years have been huge.
      Best of luck with your blog. It’s taken five years for this one to get where it is.


  3. Hi Carol,
    I’m sure we’ve at least touched base with each other through the last month. I’ll try to read through your poems now that the A-Z almost done…still have the followup post to do. What has hit me inbetween the eyes, is that poets do it tough. I personally find that writing poetry releases my intense emotions and is probably cathartic but I have become quite concerned about how we’re faring as a breed and that we need to have each other’s backs. I am needing to slow the pace now as I’d shut myself away to get the posts done, which is fine in the short term but not so good in the longer term. I found what I found to be a very helpful list of tips for happiness by columnist Dorothy Dix. I have read many of these things and hers seemed among the best. I’ll post them during the week.
    xx Rowena


      1. I’ve never really thought about writing fictional poetry, unless you include hyperbole, which is a poet’s prerogative.
        I looked into Shakespeare’s love sonnels during my series and they’re starting to look a bit fictional, which was disappointing. That said, I’m not an expert on Shakespeare so I could well be wrong. Just seems like his marriage to Ann Hathaway didn’t have much of a spark.


  4. Trying to stay positive all the timevis not easy. One way is too look at others and I sure youvwill find someone with more problems that make yours seem small. I like TrentsvA Weekly Smile. Whenever I someone with a sad face I smile at them and usually get one back. It is fun to smile at children. One started playing pee-a-boo with me.


    1. That’s so cute. My little nephew has just started trying to play peak-a-boo and also started kissing everyone he meets. He’ll come over and pucker his lips into you give him a loud kiss on the cheek and then he’ll applaud.


  5. Good luck with the house! All the ‘bits and bobs’ of purchasing a home can be quite overwhelming at times. Congrats on both the house and getting through NaPoWriMo. Both are big accomplishments. 🙂
    As for me, I’ve been blogging forever (since 1999, which is really not forever but it is a good deal of time), and my blog has mostly followed a similar pattern of walks and enjoyment of nature.


  6. Good luck with the house! Such a big accomplishment. I went to see an apt for sale over the weekend. I now have to do the bits and bobs on my end to get the ball rolling as well.


  7. Buying a house is so exciting! I love moving into a new place and slowly turning it into a home with parts of yourself all about. I know it can be quite a hassle too. I have purchased three houses in my lifetime and the paperwork and inspections are the worst. Here in the U.S. It usually takes months and cost thousands. Not sure if it is that complicated there. Good luck with all of it!!


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