NaPoWriMo Day Thirty

Three Steps From The Landing

Three steps from the landing our stairway creaks.

That low, moan of too many years of feet,

one thudding after another,

children, parents, grandparents, ghosts,

always up or down or back and forth.

I forgot the key, to brush my teeth, to do my hair,

handbag, shoes, make-up,

towel for swimming,

trainers for fifth lesson PE,

always one more thing we needed,

one more creak before we could go,

We learnt to skip the step on late night,

early morning,


Unaware that our mother had done the same

once upon a time.

She knew the trick all too well.

So did the stairs.

Aunt Josephine was sure she would go through,

find herself sitting on the pantry floor

looking up at the first floor ceiling

through a hole in the boards.

At the new house there were no creaks,

not whines and shudders as people moved.

It was quiet and neat.

It didn’t feel of home.


That’s it! We are done for another year, NaPoWriMo has officially come and gone. For the first time this month I’ve deviated away from the official prompt and used today’s one word prompt from the Daily Post.

For all of you fellow NaPoWriMoers, do leave a comment and let me know how the month went for you? Did you manage thirty poems, did you have to have any catch up days? Did you skip any all together? What was your favourite prompt of the month?

I always love to hear you lovely people so do let me know how your Aprils went. Here’s looking forward to next NaPoWriMo.


  1. That was lovely Carol. I smiled fondly while reading your poem, thinking about the house that I grew up in which was much like that in many respects. Several generations of memories and ghosts.


    1. Thank you Tracy. I think the way a house feels is very important. My fiancรฉe and I are buying one at the moment and we’ve decided against new builds. The older ones just have something more about them.


      1. I couldn’t agree more. They sure do. When the time comes for me to purchase a house, it definitely will not be a new construction. Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with the house hunt!


  2. I loved this, Carol. It1 taps into something most of us can relate to, some memory that we can’t quite pinpoint from the past. My grandparents home was very much like this. My Dad was one of seven kids and there was so much history etched into those walls, the floors. I don’t know how they sold it.
    xx Rowena


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