Memories From The Playground


At primary school I learnt how to skip.

It was one of those games

that didn’t require someone else

to hold the rope,

unless you wanted them to.

It could be singular

or plural

and I could pretend playing by myself

was a choice.


Check out this monday’s prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub. Could you write a poem in just 44 words?


  1. Oh my heart, those last two lines. I wonder how many of us along the way pretended it was a choice. But determination in this – a moving along in spite of…


    1. Thank you. I played around with a few ideas before settling on this one. Skipping used to be something I did loads and I think the fact I was trying and failing to hoola-hoop the other day reminded me of those childhood things that I’ve lost the knack for.


  2. awwwww….this made me smile so sadly. I picture the little girl standing alone on the playground…for some children, school and especially recess is a very difficult place.


  3. Oh Carol! This is just so familiar and the final lines caught in my heart. I thought it was normal to be in the corner on my own and a privilege if someone invited me to join in. School was often very cruel unless it involved reading and writing!


  4. Ah yes, I remember exactly what you say! (I never got very good at it, but good enough to look as if I was practising intently.)


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