The Boy By The Stairs

‘You, boy!’

It was a gunshot, sending feet scattering in all directions, over walls, down drains, through windows.

Ed’s feet stayed where they were. Soles glued to the wooden floor.

‘You, you sodding effing little-‘

Face red, eyes bloodshot, cheeks jowly, ruptured blood vessels, missing front tooth, three molars and a scar bisecting left eyebrow three centimetres in.  Ed counted them all. Counted them, memorised them, put the memory away somewhere for later.

‘Whatcha doin’ outta bed?’

Three steps to the stairs, three steps to the edge of the landing, three steps to-

Thwap, thud, thwap.

‘You have our condolences.’


I’ve managed to find yet another creative writing prompt to throw myself into. Once a month Literary Lion provides a prompt with a 100 word limit. Similar to Friday Fictioneers and 100 word challenge, the idea is to craft your story in as few words as possible.

This month’s prompt is boys.

Thinks you could write a story in a 100 words? Why not give it a go!

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  1. […] Also, this week I decided on a couple of features for this site. The first will be a regular post that comes up every Friday and the other is a one off. The first is free write Friday. Now I used to join in with this every now and again but I think it will me good for my writing if I make myself sit down every Friday and write a short, free piece to put up on here. Mondays and Tuesdays are normally spent doing DVerse prompts and Wednesday sometimes involve Friday Fictioneers but the rest of the week tends to be a little blank. I like the idea of adding a little more structure to the site. The first two posts for this feature are up already, ‘Broken Cups and Awkward Poets’ and ‘The Boy By The Stairs’. […]


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