Staying On Track: Motivation, Inspiration & Positivity

This is a call to arms for all you bloggers out there!

I’m looking for a paragraph of two on what helps you stay motivated, inspired and positive. These snippets will then be gathered into one guest post to be put up on Sunday, 8pm GMT.

If you want to join in just leave a comment below.

Please re-post and share this. I want to hear as many tips and tricks for staying on track as we can get.

Thank you to Deepina Pal for the inspiration behind this. You can find her at her blog The Untraceable Girl.

Remember, short quick tips on what keeps you motivated, inspired and working towards the things you love.



  1. Good idea.

    What keeps me motivated is reaching the goal, whether it’s 3000 words in a day or the end goal of completing the first draft, the goals help to push me along. Besides that I know that even if whatever I am working on isn’t Pullitzer Prize winning material, every project is a step along the way to better storytelling, obviously the sooner it happens the better πŸ™‚ I keep in mind the bigger picture and the smaller one and sometimes look around for inspiration whether it’s an author interview or a blog post, anything to keep me driven and focused.


  2. What keeps me motivated, inspired, and positive:

    Some days it’s as simple as the excitement of a new idea, the excitement of not knowing what that seed is going to bloom into. Sometimes, it’s catching a glimpse of the sunset and staring in awe at the breathtaking colors, or hearing a passing lyric of an old favorite song.

    On the days when it’s harder to be inspired by all the little moments in life, on the days when it’s harder to find the beauty in the world, I find motivation by reminding myself that it’s okay not to be positive all the time, that it’s okay to get angry or sad and it’s okay to crumple up something that’s not working, step away and take a deep breath. I remind myself that it’s not about meeting deadlines; it’s about writing what makes me happy and living the life that makes me happy.

    And that, to me, is the ultimate motivator, inspiration & positive thought.


    1. Oh no…I re-read your post, and now I’m not sure if I did this right. I realize now you may have been looking for straightforward tips and I kind of…went in a complete opposite way! I apologize if that is the case lol.


  3. When I need motivation & inspiration?
    I read, voraciously. The good inspires me to do better, the bad convinces me that I can, the variety educates, entertains and inspires me, and the volume of it – well, it’s that feeling when you walk in a library or a bookstore: the shelves are full, the tables are stacked high, you can smell the paper and you just want to be a part of it. Even if it’s only for a sentence πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Carol for an inspirational pause. Always special to reflect on why you love something. x


      1. Thanks Jade! I’d forgotten how much I loved them till recently, and have been sneaking into them whenever I get a chance.


  4. What keeps me motivated, inspired, ?
    Time – and NOT a lot of it! Procrastination is the biggest motivation killer for me. It’s incredible what I can fit into a short space of time that ISN’T vacuuming. Give me a straight run of six hours in the house and I’ll most definitely squander the first five.
    Aside from that, attending regular workshops or courses in ANYTHING creative and treating my creativity as I would any other work. Finally, creating in a creative environment with other creative people is the most potent fuel for inspiration and motivation.


  5. A lot of things in my life have kept me inspired and motivated. But to be brutally honest, all of them didn’t last long. If there is something that has kept me inspired and motivated all this time, then it is myself.
    The way I see it, I find inspiration from the beautiful and healthy life that i have pictured for myself and the ones around me. And what keeps me motivated is the hunger to get better every single day. Grow everyday. Excel a little more every day. I need to get better every day. Better than the person i was yesterday or even a minute ago. Being this new person has helped me reach my goals. “Life is like riding a bicycle, you don’t all off unless you plan to stop pedaling.”
    No matter how different your portrait of life is, just keep moving ahead to make it reality. Don’t plan for a normal life. Instead, plan for the most abnormal life and by abnormal i mean nothing less than extraordinary. Sounds stupid, but trust me when I say this, you shall get what you desired for in the end.
    You are the most powerful source of inspiration and motivation for yourself. Work hard, stay inspired and motivated, believe in your strengths. Please yourself and make the best out of the one life you have got. After all, you owe yourself a life. πŸ™‚

    Thank You so much Carol.


  6. What inspires me is writing. If I’m drawing a total blank on topics, I just start writing about anything and then new ideas start to flow. You’ve just got to get those synapses firing! What keeps me positive is all the amazing people in the blogging and writing community. People are incredibly supportive and they understand you like no one else when it comes to your drive and disappointments in writing.


    1. That’s really great to hear, thank you for commenting. I love that you find the blogging community so helpful with your own writing and switching things up can be a great help with writer’s block.


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