A Not So Lazy Sunday Afternoon

For those of us living in the UK, today is the perfect day for a little stroll round and about in the beautiful sunshine. For once the weathermen have come through and we have indeed got glorious, warm, sunny weather. The English are busy peering past their nets to see what strange happening is taking place outside their windows because heavens above, shorts! Last week it was snow and hail and now we have people walking around in short and crop tops, dusting themselves with sun screen.

That is part of what I love about the British weather, it is totally unpredictable and just because one week is one way, that doesn’t mean the next will be the same.

So for me, this afternoon will be spent sat out in my garden, enjoying the sunshine and sipping a little wine while I try to write the two key chapters for what is left of the current redraft of the novel. Yesterday turned out to be a super productive day and just past midnight I went to bed with 4,000 words under my belt taking the total word-count up to 64,000 for the draft. Today I want to get another couple of chapters written and I’ve got a poem that needs writing for The Oak Wheel for the second week of the poetry anthology. You can check out week one here.

Overall it won’t be such a lazy Sunday afternoon and I doubt I’ll have time for a stroll about town, [though I did just manage 3k at the gym].

Cheers everyone.



Written for today’s daily prompt: Stroll.


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