Broken Laptops, Shameless Flirting And Oblivious Men

Have I ever told you guys how I met my fiancée? I feel like I probably have but I’m going to tell you again for the sake of this week’s discovery prompt.

I actually met my fiancée before I even went to university. My laptop had broken and needed fixing so my mum and I took it to a computer shop in the local town.

Now a little background on my mother’s curse when it comes to computer shops. We got to one, six months later they close. At first we thought it was a coincidence, the second time it happened it was third, by the third time we just started blaming mum all together. [A recession and the economic viability of rent prices and income prospects of our local town might have also had something to do with it.]

Back to the story. Fiancée’s shop was number three and yes, my mother’s curse would come to strike but not for a few years.

We went in, cute boy behind the counter took my laptop, cute boy fixed laptop, cute boy gave it back. Over the next three years a lot of stuff went wrong with my laptop and he saw me fairly regularly. I swear, he must have thought I was an idiot. He even stopped charging me in the end because there was literally nothing wrong with my computer.

During these three years we got to know each other really well.

One particular day I’d nipped to town for some bread and milk and my father looked up at my mother to ask ‘Where did Carol say she was going again?’, utterly confused as to why my Tesco trip was taking so long.

During the summer between my first and second year of university I got sick of all my flirting getting me nowhere and I decided, what the hell, let’s go for it. I asked him out. I asked him out on a hike. He still claims this was false advertisement as we have never been on one since. We had fun though, even when I managed to fall over in front of him and even when we had a slightly awkward conversation about whether or not he realised I’d been flirting with him periodically for the entire time I’d known him.


Hawkstone Park – First Date Territory

My mother’s reaction? Well you’d expect parents to worry about their child getting hurt but my mother’s words were. ‘Please tell me that in six months I’ll still be able to go into that shop? I like Sean, Sean does his job well. Don’t ruin this for me.’ To be fair to her, very few of my relationships lasted more than a few weeks and I wasn’t the best at choosing guys. Her reaction wasn’t so shocking when you know my dating history.

Back to the present now. Next month we will have been together for three years, and we will have know each other for about six. The wedding is planned for 2018 and I can say without any doubt, he is my best friend and my soul-mate. [Do not let him know I told you that.]

By the time we started dating we already knew all the crazy and we had got to know each other without the pressure of a relationship. All in all, I met the man I’m going to marry all because my computer broke and my mother is cursed when it comes to computer shops. I don’t think you get much more ‘chance encounter’ than that.

I’m going to say I got pretty dam lucky.


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