If We Were Having Coffee

Another week has come and gone and once again we’re back to the wonderful weekly link up that is the Weekend Coffee Share. I’m not really that sure where the time has gone since last week since I don’t feel like I’ve really got much done. It didn’t help that yesterday wasn’t the best of days. Despite trying to not be superstitious, I still get edgy about things like crossed knives, crossing on the stairs, Friday the thirteen. While nothing went horribly wrong I did have an awkward moment where I’d stopped at the supermarket to pick up some drinks for me and the fiancée since it was a warm evening and we were going to sit in the garden. I don’t get asked for ID very much any more, especially if I’m out with the fiancée, but I always carry it anyway. Except for yesterday. I’d taken it out of my purse to sort out some mortgage stuff and not put it back so when I was asked for it I couldn’t find it. I had to leave my shopping at the till. It wasn’t the end of the world but it was embarrassing and I did feel frustrated with myself for not putting my ID back in my purse. Anyway, onto less annoying matters.

Study Update:

This week I got my first exam booked for my AAT Accounting course, which means I now have a solid deadline to aim for. Despite this, my week hasn’t involved much studying yet. However, there are three weeks before my exam so I have got time to pick up the slack and the weather has been lovely most of this week so I’ve been able to enjoy the garden a little more.

The Novel:

I have done a bit more writing however, so the week hasn’t been utterly lazy. I’ve got 65,000 words of the novel re-drafted now and I’ve hit what seems like the middle ground of the story. Originally I was aiming for around 100,000 words for the full story but it looks like I’m going to overshoot that by miles so I’m going to set 200,000 as the new word count. The original draft was around 55,000 words but had very little development and I want to make sure that I get everything in that I want to get in. At the moment it’s just Tara’s story that has really got any sort of meat to it while the other characters just seem to drift along beside her. I want to get some chapters written that deepen Nicholas and Sebastian’s story lines and maybe some more for Ilia as well as at the moment I don’t really understand her character. photo2_thumb.jpg

Last Weekend  Coffee Share I said how I was thinking about starting to write some of the chapters out of sequence and I have started doing that now. It’s easy to write Tara in sequence but I seem to be missing out bits of story line with my focus on her so I’m going to step back from her for a while. I love her character but I don’t want the other characters to seem flat in comparison. For example, Becket hasn’t had a single chapter to himself but he pops in and out of other chapters all the while. I think he needs at least one chapter that revolves around him.

Danny is another character who appears to have fallen by the wayside, though I’m less sure what to do about him right now. Since I intend this to be the first in a series of books, and Shadow Dawn is mostly set in the city, I might have to come back to Danny in a later book. He doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of this story and I don’t want to force it.

Short Stories:

I’ve been writing short stories this week. Well, I’ve written two. Crash Landing and Chaos Walking. I think I want to develop Crash Landing at a later date but I don’t want to pin too much on it yet, I have quite a few pieces of flash fiction that I fancy developing once Shadow Dawn has been written and sent out for beta reading. I’ve learnt that working on too many projects at once doesn’t do me any favours.

However! Chaos Walking gave me the chance to write with some old characters that I haven’t touched on in years. Henry Granger came out to play for a little while and I used him and Lily in a short piece. I will go back to The Terrifying Life of Henry Granger at some point and I think I’m going to start using the story as a basis for some more Friday Free Writes to help build up a collection of scenes to pull into a full story later. I can’t focus on it too much at the moment but I did love having the chance to write with those characters again.


Finally for today, I have a tiny bit of poetry news. For the second week in a row I got to take part in Jeff Martin’s Poetry Anthology alongside some fantastic poets, all of us writing about ‘Truths’.

I’m afraid that’s all the news I have for this week. What about yourselves? How have things gone for you? Did you have anything happen on Friday the 13th?



  1. This week has been slow and somewhat discouraging. I was reading on a blog about writing short fiction. They say you should be able to write the story in one sitting. I don’t work that way. It’s nearly impossible. Especially with a story I started this week. I worked myself into a hole, so I skipped around a few scenes. Hopefully it will come together, but I’m thinking it will be a week before it does.


  2. Those ID checks are annoying! There is a store I come in to every week, for the past 5 years, with my son, and the same damn, only cashier always makes me hunt for my ID while wrestling with son and carrying tons of stuff in my hands – even though she knows I am not under 21! She asks it every. single. time. Grrr!


  3. I go hiking all the time and put my id in my backpack, then, later, forget that I put it there! I will be at the store and my id is back at home, in my backpack, not in my purse, where it should be!


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